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SATs Information Evening Presentation

Welcome to 6RS

Welcome to the new year and new start in Year 6. Here you will find information all about what we will be getting up to. Hopefully there will be trips too! Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Southworth.

Tuesday 22nd March


Year 6 had lots of fun this afternoon, applying their scientific knowledge they had learnt this morning to make musical instruments!

Week 4 - Covid home learning: Wednesday

Here is today's English work.


Wednesday 2nd March

Today our class were ‘evacuated to the countryside’! We had a fantastic trip to Tatton Park yesterday to experience hands-on life as an evacuee who was sent to live on Lord Egerton’s estate during WW2. As part of the experiment the children had a go at ‘milking a cow’, learnt how vital the pig was to meat production during the war when everything was heavily rationed, fed goats, played ‘old-fashioned’ games and made toast on an open fire (under supervision of course!).  In the afternoon we experienced their air raid shelter and sang some songs which lifted morale. It was a brilliant trip and one enjoyed by all! Please enjoy our pictures .

Monday 28th February

What a start to our World Book Week! We’ve had a great day working in mixed age group classes all over the school and created many wonderful pieces of work. Please see the ‘Latest News’ page for lots of photos of the mixed classes at work, but here are a few of just our class. We have an author visiting us tomorrow and then our trip on Wednesday. It certainly is an exciting week.

Friday 11th February

This afternoon year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from a Humanist speaker (Mrs Luke) who chatted with all of our year group all about the humanist beliefs.  Within RE we have been looking at Humanism and it was very useful to speak to someone knowledgeable about this belief. The children were all very engaged and enjoyed learning about the information. 

Thursday 3rd February 

Today the year 5 and 6 children worked together on this half term’s STEAM project.  Within the overarching theme of ‘Space’, this question was all about sending people into space, which we added on returning from space too. We looked at videos of currently flying machines and how they have been designed and taken from prototype to actual working machine.  We looked at the Red Bull challenge where Felix jumped back to Earth from the edge of space… scary! Having looked at how rockets worked we watched the coke/mentos and bicarbonate/vinegar experiments, which we found very exciting, we worked in mixed groups to design our very own rocket / flying machine.

Thursday 6th January

It has been good to get back after the Christmas break, ready to start our new term. Today our class have started their new topic looking at ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. The children have been learning about classification and we braved the cold to try and split out class into different groups / classify ourselves.

Wednesday 8th December 

This afternoon the year 6 children had their holiday show. It was fantastic to see all their hard work on display for everyone to see.  They looked great and the effort they made (with your help for some!) with their food and drinks was brilliant.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Well done!

Thursday 25th November

Today has been STEAM Day here throughout the whole school. The theme has been ‘Space’ and year 6 have created art work based on Earth. Here are some pictures of the fantastic art work we created.

Thursday 18th November

This week is Anti-bullying week and the theme is ‘One Kind Word’.  This morning, 6RS participated in an anti-bullying workshop where, through discussion and drama, they talked about what bullying is, what it looks like and how to report it.  They enjoyed working together to create freeze-frames too.  

Thursday 11th November

Stranger Danger:

Today Mrs Southworth spoke to the year 6 children about 'stranger danger'. With the nights getting darker earlier, we discussed how important it is to just be aware of who is around when we walk home by ourselves. We spoke about not worrying, but having some ideas of how to stay safe. These included: walking with friends, crossing away from people, walking or talking to trusted adults, going into a shop or calling someone on their phone. We stressed that we did not want the children to be worried but just to be aware and feel confident about what to do (or not do like giving any personal information to people we don't know). 



This afternoon the children have been learning about still life drawings and how to make their own compositions. They searched the school for different items which they could draw, place them together in their own compositions and then have a go at drawing them.

Remembrance Day

During Think About It Thursday all children made their own silhouette of a soldier along with poppies. We have put them on our windows as a display - have a look as you go past! 

School Council Fundraising


This year, the school council would like children to create Christmas Cards and support Mission Christmas. 


Firstly, the children have been asked to make cards for people who may be lonely and isolated this Christmas. These should be done on card, be colourful and have a nice poem/message inside. Please return them to school for Thursday 11th November.


Secondly, we are supporting Mission Christmas in partnership with HITS radio. They send gifts to children who are less fortunate and otherwise wouldn't receive gifts at Christmas. Any donations would be gratefully received. Please remember to label the present with the appropriate age group. The deadline for gifts is Friday 10th December.  


Gift ideas are in the following age groups: 


0-3 years old - Teddies, Musical Toys, My First Toys, Rattles, Books, and Play Mats.

3-5 years old - Cars, Dolls, Jigsaws, Dress Up Items, Playdoh, Colouring Books and Pencils.

5-7 years old - Lego, Art and Craft Sets, Skipping Ropes, Make Your Own Photo Frame, Snow Globe, Jewellery Set, Action Figures and Board Games. 

7-9 years old - Footballs, Board Games, Remote Control Toys and Stationery Sets
9-12 years old - Board Games, Make Up Sets and Nail Varnish

Tuesday 9th November

Exploring the different electrical components and seeing what circuits we can make. 

Thursday 4th November

Happy Diwali!


Today, 6RS have been learning about Diwali and the tradition of making beautiful Rangoli patterns. The children have been having a go at designing their own, symmetrical, colourful patterns as well as colouring in existing patterns.  The children have enjoyed designing these and were amazed at the images of ones made from food!

Tuesday 2nd November

What a noisy afternoon we have had! With both Diwali and Bonfire Night happening this week, we couldn’t let it go by with incorporating this into our music lesson this week. We started by listening to a couple of pieces of music inspired by fireworks, before composing and performing out own. The sounded great! Enjoy the real ones this week.

Wednesday 13th October 

What a day and what an experience! We arrived at Mam Tor and began the climb in gorgeous sunshine. We soon found ourselves amongst the clouds watching the wind blow the clouds across the valley. We can all agree that climate, environment and weather changes the higher you get and although we’d couldn’t see much from the top, we felt a huge sense of achievement and were able to talk about the geographical and environmental changes. Well done Year 6!

Friday 8th October

This morning we were lucky enough to have a Black History workshop. We got to imagine ourselves as ‘Windrush travellers’ and create freeze frames about a number of different historical figures in Black History. Here are pictures of us!

Thursday 7th October

Today has been World Poetry Day.  In groups, 6RS have learnt 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' and then performed to the class with clarity... and comedy!  

Also today, the children have been looking at 5 Ways to Wellbeing, with it being World Mental Health Day on Sunday. We discussed together the different ways in which they can take the time to do different activities to help them (and others) to feel happy.  They have created different posters to represent this.

Monday 4th October

Week 2 of Reading Buddies with the Year 2 children. Lots of excitement, discussion and some brilliant reading from all children.

Tuesday 28th September

What a fun afternoon we have had creating these mountainscapes on canvas. I think you'll agree that they all look fantastic.

Monday 27th September

After last week's training and much anticipation and excitement, today was our first Reading Buddies session with the Year 2 children. It was incredible! Both Year 6 and Year 2 were vibrating with excitement to be buddied up and work in a new environment. Next week, we will be switching over which classroom we worked in and will get lots more photos. Well done Year 6.

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