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Mrs McMillan

Monday 21st March - Science of Sound workshop 


We spent the whole day today learning about the science of sound. During the morning, we learnt about how sound is made, what the difference is between high and low sounds, how sound travels and what it can travel through, how sound can be amplified and how a variety of different instruments work. We then used this knowledge to create different instruments in the afternoon. The instruments were made out of recycled materials and included drums, flutes, panpipes, wind chimes and rain sticks. The children had an amazing time and learnt lots of new information in a very practical way. 

Thursday 15th March - Roman Workshop 


Today Y3 had a whole day of fun activities! We dressed as Romans, we looked at how they made different structures, we played Roman games, we made mosaics, we looked at artefacts from the Roman times, we learnt what happened when Romans invaded Britain and we thought about what affect the invasion had on our lives today. We also had the chance to experience virtual reality! The children loved it and learnt a lot. 

Tuesday 8th March - Rock investigation 


Today we looked at different rocks, did some research using books and iPads and then conducted some scientific investigations. We tested the density, the permeability and the durability. 

Tuesday 1st March - Author visit


We had a special visit today from an author. He talked to us about the books he has written, his inspiration and what his job entails. 

Monday 28th February - World Book Day 


Today we dressed up as a character from our favourite books. The teachers then planned a days worth of activities about one of their favourite books. The children chose which book they’d like to look at and then went to that classroom for the day. In my class we looked at Elmer. 

Wednesday 9th February - Volcanoes


We worked in teams to create a model volcano and today we made them explode!

Tuesday 8th February - Measuring 


This week we are learning how to measure in mm, cm and m. Today we practised by measuring items around the classroom. 

Monday 7th February - Mental Health Awareness Week 


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. We had a visitor in school today to talk about mental health. He taught us strategies to use if we are feeling worried or stressed. 

Thursday 3rd February - STEAM


As part of our STEAM project, today we learnt about rockets. We then designed and created our own and even launched them!

Monday 31st January - Volcanoes 


Our topic this half term is Restless Earth. We are learning about volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes. Here is some photos of us making a model volcano. 




Please find below a version of our Christmas Production. We had to compress the file to get it onto the website. We have saved a much better copy which you can access through Teams. Please let me know through Seesaw if you have any problems. 


I am sure you can agree that the children did an amazing job and we were so so proud of them. As you can imagine, doing a Christmas production during a pandemic meant there were lots of children off so it hasn't been easy! We hope you like it! 


Mrs McMillan, Mrs Cook, Mrs Columb and Mrs Tait 



Christmas Production

Still image for this video

Christmas Carol Concert - 03/12/2021


Today we walked to St Peter’s church to participate in a Christmas carol sing along. Well done to all of the children for their beautiful singing and excellent behaviour. A special well done to our choir members and readers who were amazing. 

Christmas Dinner - 01/12/2021


Lunch time was very special today! How lovely to all sit together and eat Christmas dinner! Thanks Rose. 

Anti-bullying Week - 15/11/2021 - 19/11/2021


This week is anti-bullying week. Throughout the week we have been talking about what bullying is, how we prevent it and what effect it has on people. On Monday we wore odd socks to represent us celebrating differences in our school. We then had a workshop on Tuesday where we talked about being kind to each other and passing on positivity. 

Christmas Production Songs - 09/11/2021


Please find below the MP3s and song words for the Christmas Production. Feel free to have a sing along and a practice at home. 

06 Christmas Dinner Is A Winner - with vocals.mp3

05 Christmas Tree Song - with vocals.mp3

04 Why Won't It Snow - with vocals.mp3

03 Boogie Woogie Santa - with vocals.mp3

02 Send Me On My Way - with vocals.mp3

01 The Stars Are Coming Out - with vocals.mp3

School Council Message - 05/11/2021


This year, the school council would like children to create Christmas Cards and support Mission Christmas. 


Firstly, the children have been asked to make cards for people who may be lonely and isolated this Christmas. These should be done on card, be colourful and have a nice poem/message inside. Please return them to school for Thursday 11th November.


Secondly, we are supporting Mission Christmas in partnership with HITS radio. They send gifts to children who are less fortunate and otherwise wouldn't receive gifts at Christmas. Any donations would be gratefully received. Please remember to label the present with the appropriate age group. The deadline for gifts is Friday 10th December.  


Gift ideas are in the following age groups: 


0-3 years old - Teddies, Musical Toys, My First Toys, Rattles, Books, and Play Mats.

3-5 years old - Cars, Dolls, Jigsaws, Dress Up Items, Playdoh, Colouring Books and Pencils.

5-7 years old - Lego, Art and Craft Sets, Skipping Ropes, Make Your Own Photo Frame, Snow Globe, Jewellery Set, Action Figures and Board Games. 

7-9 years old - Footballs, Board Games, Remote Control Toys and Stationery Sets
9-12 years old - Board Games, Make Up Sets and Nail Varnish

Curriculum Overview 


Please find attached the curriculum overview for the Autumn Terms. 

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe - 20/10/21


The children have been reading ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ with Mrs Timmins in school. The book has been made into a show and is now on at The Lowry. Here is the link in case you wanted to book tickets:

Homework - 15/10/2021


The staff have been having lots of conversations about homework and what our policy should look like. After receiving feedback from parents, we now have a new homework policy which will be in place starting next half term. Homework will now be online  through Timestable Rockstars, reading eggs and MyMaths. Any extra work the children do can be shared on Seesaw. The children will also be expected to learn their spellings (an overview is given out at the start of the half term) and read at least 3 times.  

For this week, the children have been given a maths sheet and their login for MyMaths. They should choose a column of questions to do and then share their work on seesaw (the same as we have been doing so far this year). They should also practise logging on to MyMaths. Tasks haven’t been set just yet but it is important they know how to get on. 

Any problems/questions then please let me know. 

Stone Age Workshop - 14/10/2021


Today we had visitors in school teaching us about the Stone Age. We looked at Stone Age artefacts and thought about what life might have been like if we were alive during that time. 

Poetry Day - 07/10/2921


World Poetry Day is today. To celebrate it, we read a poem about the Stone Age, answered questions on it and then learnt a poem as a class to perform. Here is our performance - we hope you like it. 

3JM - Wind on the Hill

Still image for this video

Black history - 06/10/21


Today we had a visitor in school who has come to speak to us about Black History. We learnt about the important historical events to do with the fight for equality. The children learnt lots of information, participated in some quizzes, acted out a freeze frame and thought about how they might feel if they faced discrimination because of the colour of their skin. Tomorrow, we will be watching videos and having discussions about influential black people and how black people feel in Britain today as part of our Think About It Thursday. 

Autumn 1 Spellings 

Harvest Festival - 11/10/2021


On Monday we will be collecting food for the Harvest Festival. This food goes to people in our local area who might need it over winter. Our class (3JM) are collecting tinned fruit. Any donations you can bring will be gratefully received. 

Trip 04/10/21 - Orienteering at Stamford Park


Despite the weather, we still went to Stamford Park and enjoyed our trip. We used a map, found the key features and put them on our map using simple symbols. This afternoon we will be making a key for our maps. 

Maths 01/10/21 - Challenge 


Today the children worked in pairs to tackle a challenge. They used everything they have learnt about place value so far and worked through questions in order to solve a mystery. 

Science 30/09/21 - Testing magnets 


Our science topic this half term is ‘Forces and Magnets’. Today we conducted a scientific investigation to find out which was the strongest magnet. We made predictions, conducted an experiment, displayed our results on a table and then made conclusions. We found that it wasn’t always the biggest magnet which was the strongest. This meant that some of our predictions weren’t quite right! 

Maths 30/09/21 - Place Value 


We have started off our maths lessons by recapping place value. Mrs Tait worked with some of the children today to make different numbers on a place value grid using counters. 

Reading - Autumn Term 


Our class book this half term is ‘Stone Age Boy’. We started by looking at the front cover, the blurb and the illustrations to see if we could predict what it was about. We then read the story a few pages at a time and answered questions. This book will be our focus in Literacy lessons for the next couple of weeks. 

Meet The Teacher


Thank you so much to everyone who managed to make the Meet The Teacher meeting. Please find below the PowerPoint tht was shared. If you have any questions or would like to meet with me 1-1 then please email the school office.



Welcome to the new school year. On this page you will find useful information and updates about what 3JM have been up to. 


On Friday's 3JM have PE - please ensure they come into school in their PE kits (white polo shirt, plain dark joggers and plain dark jumper).