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Stamford Park Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 curriculum page. Here you will find more information about what your child will be learning about in Year 5. If you have any further questions or require paper copies of any information here, please contact the School Office directly.


The below curriculum overview documents give an insight into what your child will be learning during each half term of the school year:

From September 2019, the school will be delivering the new statutory Relationships and Sex Education. Our school will be delivering this through the Jigsaw scheme and further information about what your child will be covering is available here:

As a school, each class will spend one full day each half term on a STEAM project (comprising of science, technology, engineering, art and maths). 

Below are guidance documents for Year 5 expectations for reading, writing and maths; these are closely linked to the National Curriculum 2014. These objectives form the basis for our planning and are what children will be both taught and tested on.