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Why should my child have a school lunch?

Why have a school lunch?


Lunchtime is a very important part of he school day. Children learn how to behave and interact with other students in a dining area. They have a chance to try foods they might not have had at home and therefore widen their experiences. Lunchtime at Stamford Park Primary School is a fun experience with quiz days, where children get the chance to answer a food related question and the first ten correct answers win a treat.


During the course of the year, we also run a range of themed weeks. For example, each year we have International Food Week, where children can try a range of foods from all around the globe. We also have Healthy Food Week which we support with lessons in class and a competition for children to design their own healthy meal. The winning entries then get to cook their meal with the catering manager and serve it to the school!


Our school meals are fantastic value as well - priced at £2.30 each day. Thanks for the catering service having been brought in house, this has enabled us to use much higher quality ingredients for our meals. A healthy, well-balanced meal is very important to set a child up for a productive afternoon of learning and we feel our school dinners will do just that! We would urge all parents to consider this as the best option for their child.


Look at what our pupils and visitors have to say about lunch at Stamford Park Primary School:


"This is better than eating at a restaurant most of the time!" (Year 6 pupil)


"I love dinners but even if I don't like the hot option, there's always so much to choose from on the salad bar!" (Year 5 pupil)


"The quality of the food here is absolutely outstanding. The children really enjoy their meals and gain so much." (Governor)