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Stamford Park Primary School

What can you tell me about your food?

Facts about our Food!


We are a nut free school. No nuts are used in any of our meals. We would also ask parents whose children have packed lunches to respect this: a number of our pupils have severe nut allergies.


All our menus meet Government guidelines.


We ensure all our food is school compliant with reduced sugar and salt content.


Vegetables and fruit are used in cakes, biscuits and our homemade sauces.


No undesirable additives or transfats are used in any of our food.


Our meat is Red Tractor Farm Assured and is both prepared and cooked on site.


Our hotdogs are premium quality (94% pork with no machine retrieved meat).


Our fish is MSC Approved and our eggs are free range.


Our meals are freshly prepared on site everyday.