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Welcome to our School Council page!


We will be posting what we get up to on this page! 


In the Infants, the Year 2 School Council members do a wide variety of jobs. Children help out the teachers by setting a good example when lining up, checking everyone is in the right lines and making sure people are moving sensibility throughout the school. They also help in Friday assembly giving out stickers to the stars of the week! At the end of every term, the school councillors choose their very own stars after watching children line up and move sensibly around the school throughout the term. We will be meeting every few weeks at lunchtime to discuss any issues around school. 


In the Juniors, we will be having fortnightly meetings before school on Wednesdays (8:15am-8:45am). Here we will discuss plans to improve our school and we will be helping organise whole school events. 


Mr Hines and Miss Shah smiley



Infant School Council Meeting - Thursday 21st October 2021

The Year 2 school councillors met to decide who our 'Stars of the Half Term' were. Each School Council member chose a person from each class. These children received a certificate in our end of Autumn 1 Term Assembly for lining up beautifully, setting a great example to their classmates and reporting any problems to the councillors. 


Well done all the children who were chosen. The councillors will be looking for the next 'stars' for Autumn 2 soon! 


Mr Hines 

Wednesday 3rd November 2021 - Christmas Cards and Mission Christmas


Today, the Junior school councilors met to discuss sending Christmas cards to lonely and isolated people in our local area. We have decided to try and get as many children in school to create Christmas cards to send to them. The deadline for this is Thursday 11th November. 


We also discussed Mission Christmas, which is a project ran by Hits Radio. This project aims to make sure all children get to open a Christmas present this year. The deadline for gift donations is Friday 10th December. 


The school councilors will share this PowerPoint with their classes and promote these events. Please feel free to have a look! We had a very productive meeting! 


Miss Shah smiley

Thursday 4th November 2021 - Christmas Cards and Mission Christmas


Today, the Infant Department council members met to discuss the Christmas Cards and the Christmas Mission today. Our councilors will help to explain to the other children in the Infant classes how we can help the old people in the local area and also children who are less fortunate than us. 


The Infant School council members will be collecting cards Monday to Thursday next week and any Christmas boxes on a Friday from each class. 


We hope that you can help. 


Mr Hines

Friday 12th November 2021 - Christmas Cards


Thank you to everyone who has spent the time making Christmas cards to donate to the local old people's homes. As you can see we have collected a huge amount of cards, which we hope will put a smile on lots of people's faces this Christmas.


Many thanks,


Miss Shah, Mr Hines and all the School Council members 

Wednesday 17th November 2021 - Infant and Junior Meeting 


Both the Infant and Junior school council met up today to discuss the success of the Christmas cards. We also talked about promoting Mission Christmas throughout the school and talked about more gifts ideas. We will be sharing more information with our classes later this week! 

Miss Shah and Mr Hines 😊

Thursday 25th November 2021 - Parliament Online Workshop 


The school council today sat in on an online workshop. It was an interactive session where we learnt about the similarities to Parliament and our school council. 

Wednesday 1st December 2021 - Anti-Bullying Superheroes 

The school council met today to decide who would become our school Anti-Bullying Superhero. We spent a some time discussing issues around our school and how these superheroes might help. Our winners were Eric 5TW and Louise 6RS. 

Mission Christmas - Friday 10th December 2021

A very big thank you to all the children who donated gifts for 'Mission Christmas'. We are going to make a lot of children very happy this Christmas and it's all down to your generous donations. Well done to all our School Council for organising the event. 


Miss Shah and Mr Hines. 

Wednesday 19th January 2022 - Red Nose Day and Lunchtime plans


Today the School Council met to discuss plans for Red Nose Day. We mind mapped ideas of how we could fundraise money. 
We also are beginning to put forward some of ideas, that have been brought forward by our classes, about a lunchtime rota. We hope to meet with Mrs Price to discuss our plans. 



Wednesday 2nd February 2022 - Red Nose Day 


The School Council met today to finalise the plans for Red Nose Day. We have decided to do a cake sale and a sponsored silence to raise money. Details regarding both these events will be shared nearer the time. 


We also prepared for our meeting with Mrs Downing to put forward our idea to vary the lunchtime sittings to make it fair across the year groups. 


Miss Shah 

Friday 4th February 2022 - Star of the Half Term


The Infant School Council members met with Mr. Hines today to chose their 'Stars of the Half Term'. These children have been specially selected by our Infant Council members for setting an excellent example to the other children at break and lunchtimes. They will give the certificates out in our 'Star of the Week' assembly on Friday.


Mr. Hines.

Friday 18th March 2022 - Red Nose Day Sponsored Silence


The wonderful junior children of the school council decided to complete a sponsored silence to raise money for Red Nose Day! They managed to stay silent from the moment they walked in to school until 3pm! I am so proud of the children and we will be sure to let you know how much we raised with both the cake sale and sponsored silence! Well done children! 


Miss Shah smiley

Infant School Council Meeting - 7.4.2022.

The Infant School Council met to decide who our 'stars of the half term' were. The children chose members of each class who line up beautifully, are helpful to the adults and listen carefully. We also spoke to Mrs. Clare and chose two children who had been very kind at lunchtime, helping other children. 

Trafford Primary Conference - Friday 13th May 2022


The School Council have attended the Trafford Primary Conference today. They have partaken in a range of workshops looking at concerns in our local area. We learnt about lots of different ways we can support our local area.