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School Council

At Stamford Park Primary School, we have a school council made up of children from Year 2 onwards. Every class member votes for one person who they feel would represent their class by speaking on their behalf, generating fundraising ideas and setting a good example around school with their behaviour. The head boy and girl from Year 6, along with their deputies, are also honorary members of our school council.  

The school council meet once a fortnight, before school, from 8.15am. Dates for meetings are confirmed in the weekly newsletters, which are sent out to parents. Children discuss how to solve any school wide issues, improvements to school and ideas for fundraising schemes. The school councillors also help with lining up the children at break time, ensuring children are moving sensibly around the corridors and assist with teacher who are delivering assemblies.  

Please see the 'School Council Gallery' to the right for details of our events and activities. 

Miss Shah and Mr Hines