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Stamford Park Primary School


Stamford Park Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the primary National Curriculum. Our fully comprehensive schemes of work for each year group reflect the content and challenge of the curriculum. Teachers receive a wide range of CPD during each year to enable them to continue to provide outstanding curriculum provision across the school. 


The school curriculum is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners to ensure each and every child is supported through their learning. Our curriculum is creative and will inspire our children to nurture a passion for learning that will continue with them throughout their future. Our aim is to ensure that children are prepared for, and have an appreciation of, life in modern Britain. Our curriculum intent is outlined within each subject, along with how it will be implemented and the impact it will have.


Our curriculum is currently being updated and new curriculum outlines are being added each half term to the website. If you have any questions about the curriculum we teach or would like paper copies of anything, please contact the school office.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Statement


At Stamford Park Junior School, we believe that Relationship and Sex Education is an important part of a balanced and broadly based curriculum, which should be taught as an ongoing theme throughout the primary school years as an integral part of our Science as well as our Personal Development and Wellbeing (PDW) curriculum; previously known as PSHE – Personal, Social and Health Education. Relationship and Sex Education set out by the DFE now forms part of the statutory National Curriculum, therefore all children at Stamford Park Primary School, within the relevant year groups, will have lessons addressing this.


At Stamford Park Primary School, we will provide the children with a safe learning environment, where they can openly ask questions about relationships, sex, personal development and wellbeing without embarrassment. As teachers, we will ensure that discussions are kept within the PDW guidelines set by the school.


Aspects of our Personal Development and Wellbeing curriculum will teach about relationships mainly through our Junior department ‘Jigsaw’ scheme of work.


As of September 2020, the Government has made Relationship Education statutory in primary schools; the delivery of sex education is compulsory in secondary schools, not primary schools. As a school, we have decided to teach sex education and reproduction through the Science statutory curriculum guidance, and not as an addition within our PDW curriculum. The children will however learn about the scientific parts of themselves through both their science work and within the Jigsaw scheme.


Teachers of Year 3 to Year 6 will deliver sessions according to the Junior department's JIGSAW Scheme of Work. Prior to the distribution of these materials, the Senior Management Team assessed the content of the JIGSAW materials, making any amendments they believed to be appropriate to enable us to deliver a personal programme, supporting our values and decisions on the Relationships and Sex Education requirements set out by the Government.


Please see the attached outline of the Junior department's Jigsaw Curriculum.